Scarlet is a girl determined to find true love in the quirky queer scene of Newtown. If she could only figure out what it is she really wants!
The Newtown Girls

The Newtown Girls is a 10 part dramedy web series in which Scarlet must delve into the depths of dating drama in order to find her true soulmate. Scarlet returns to the ‘scene’ after years of absence to confront the typically-lesbian obstacles of ex-girlfriends, fashion faux pas, romantic advances from authority figures and a complicated relationship with her long-time best friend, Alex. Will Scarlet find what she is looking for or will pretending to be someone she isn’t result in her losing everything?

The Newtown Girls shies away from the political-driven narrative to explore the universality of love and friendship and takes the audience on a journey through the quirkiness of queer communities and into a collective appreciation of the human condition. And we hope you’ll laugh a little too!